Inspirational former patient faces takes on KAPOW! to support life-savers at Magpas Air Ambulance

On 17th June Magpas Air Ambulance is bringing KAPOW! to St Ives, near Cambridge. With unique obstacles to bounce over, squeeze through, climb up and slide down, you can get all your friends, family and co-workers involved and raise vital funds for a lifesaving charity in your community. 

Someone who knows the difference Magpas Air Ambulance can make is Papworth based Brandon. Brandon finished his first day at secondary school and as he got off the school bus, he was hit by a second bus, leaving him with life-threatening injuries. Magpas medics flew to Brandon and provided him with vital A&E level care there and then – placing him into a medically induced coma to protect his brain. Brandon has since made an incredible recovery and says, “Magpas Air Ambulance basically handed me back my life. If they hadn’t come that day, I wouldn’t be here right now.” 

Brandon is now 17 and he and his family are taking part in Magpas’ KAPOW!. Superhero Challenge.  Brandon’s mum Kate, explains “We owe Magpas Air Ambulance everything. Brandon is the first of our four boys and Magpas saved his life that day.”

“We’ve put a family team together for KAPOW! as it’s fun and gets the whole family involved and out together. It also gives us an opportunity to give something back to Magpas Air Ambulance – it’s the boys’ way of saying thank you for saving their big brother.” Kate continues, “Something like Brandon’s accident can happen to anyone at any time, no one is exempt. Magpas Air Ambulance are there for everyone 24/7, so we should be there for them when they need us.”

In 2017 Magpas Air Ambulance were called to 834 serious medical emergencies in Cambridgeshire. By taking part in KAPOW! you will help us to save more lives like Brandon’s.

Join us at St Ives (Hunts) Golf Club from 11am. Tickets cost £25 or £15 for children under 16. However, if an inflatable fun run isn’t for you, you can watch your friends and loved ones take on the course while enjoying food and refreshments from the on-site bar and BBQ.


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